Golshafa Medicine Research Complex has scientific research activity in the fields of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygiene, food industries. Our purpose is creating a specialized Glossary that is possible opportunities for consumer’s usage such as scientific specialists, researchers furthermore, speed up to the process of manufacture, investment, business, marketing and so on.

This specialized Glossary can be easily improving availability and quality of rare words and expressions in Medical Term, Pharmaceutical, Herbal Medicine, Foods, Agriculture, Minerals, Economy and related Industry as well as different fields that leads to positive results in growing and developing specialized Glossary for appropriate usage.

Certainly most of these especial words and expressions in the mentioned fields spread, so gathering them would cause trouble and it needs cooperation and unity of many specialists in this collection.

We are very happy for having cooperation with you for completing, growing and developing this specialized Glossary in the related fields that leads to better results for consumers.